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"Dusk of the Destroyers"

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Episode Summary: Harry and Grave sit down in the ruins of Jolice's bar and Harry tries to find out what went wrong. Eventually he decides to put an end to everything and gives Grave his old gun back and takes out his gun with the intention they shoot each other. Suddenly they are attacked by Millennion goons and they both fight back, with Brandon shielding Harry with his own body in one instance. Mika pleads with Biscoe to halt the attack, but he refuses. Mika then runs off to where the fighting is. Armed police are brought in with anti-Necro-Rise weapons, while Biscoe has a change of heart and gives Mika a lift to the fighting and orders his men to stop. But the order has come too late as a grenade causes the old building to collapse, but Grave has protected Harry from a slab of concrete. Before the goons and police stop their attack, Harry has been shot multiple times and Grave's body has failed him. As Brandon wishes to go back to the old days when they were happy, Harry decides that they should shoot each other. Mika turns up too late after the shooting has stopped, the only thing left is the corpse of Harry as Brandon turns into dust as every necrolrise does. We get to see the ending from Brandon and Harry's perspective as their family and friends greets them in the afterlife. The final scene shows how Brandon and Harry met as kids.

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