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Episode Summary: Harry and Brandon are finally inducted into the Family, Harry due to his huge success observed by Randy, one of the Family's top persons, and Brandon thanks to his prominence as a sweeper. At a party hosted by Big Daddy at his own mansion, they meet respected figures such as Bear Walken, who saved their lives as kids, Randy, who got them into the organization, and Cid Geralde, who was a friend of Bear's and was excited to meet the two youngest members of the Family. Although things appear to be going well, a botched mafia operation leads to Cid's son being inevitably targeted by Millennion, all of whose members must follow the "Code Of Iron" which means to "never betray" and that all who do must be punished with death. Bear confronts Cid, who allowed his son to escape under the promise that anyone, including himself, from Millennion would kill him no questions asked, and after the two share a friendly moment, Bear cannot bring himself to shoot his old friend. Brandon arrives then and silently fulfills the Code Of Iron, beginning his descent into apathy. Meanwhile, Harry hunts down "traitors" within Millennion.

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