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Episode Summary: A man named Brad Wong is released from prison and reunites with an old war comrade, Cannon Vulcan, leader of Lightning. Vulcan has stumbled onto something big, a secret project that will create invincible super soldiers from the dead called "Necro-Rise". With this knowledge, both believing that they will be able to reach their own goals, Wong seeks to have an ultimate battlefield and seeks to remove all of his previous ties, quitting his former syndicate, Volcano, and getting the trust of his own subordinates. While the two discuss their plans in a secluded bar, Wong and Vulcan meet Harry MacDowell for the first time, who has become interested in Lightning's newest activities and skeptical of their motives at the behest of Big Daddy, who received word from the leader of Volcano about Wong's release. Wong, having the title of "Blood War" for turning everything into a battlefield, is about to shoot Harry in a drunken rage before meeting Brandon Heat, who already had Wong at gunpoint without his awareness. Amazed at the efficiency of these new enemies, Wong "prepares" his subordinates to become Vulcan's undead army.

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