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Episode Summary: Henrietta and her "handler," Jose, members of Section Two of the Social Welfare Agency, which handles covert government actions, are ordered to a site to acquire a witness. In a flashback, Jose recalls how he found Henrietta in a hospital after her family had been killed. He had her nursed back to health, fitted with cybernetics, and trained to be an assassin. In the present, he approaches the armed group surrounding the witness, but one of the men's threats against him causes Henrietta to start viciously attacking, and she dispatches the men inside the room. Jose reprimands her for this, as their mission is a failure, although the witness is later found outside the building. Back at base, Henrietta is comforted by two of her counterparts, Triela and Claes.

3 Responses to “Gunslinger Girl Episode 1”

  1. razerchuk

    Aug 1st, 2013

    This show looks beautiful – the opening alone got me.
    I would much prefer Japanese with English subs, though. It’s really weird to switch to watching it dubbed, personally.

  2. crnr


    Oct 14th, 2013

    anime is good
    but I would also prefer the jap audio with eng subs

  3. Shiuzo

    Feb 12th, 2014

    I hop the next one are also badass

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