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"Angelica's Return"
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Episode Summary: Angelica is allowed to go on her first field mission since her earlier hospitalization. Together with her handler, Marco, as well as Rico and Jean, they head for Milan to get more information on the activities of the PRF and Pinocchio in particular. Olga and Priscilla have also headed to Milan to check up on how Angelica is doing and Marco drafts them into helping with the mission at hand. Trouble arises, when it appears that Angelica is suffering from an addiction to her conditioning pills, as she breaks Priscilla's arm due to the withdrawal symptoms she is suffering from. Priscilla manages to convince Marco not to tell Jean about what has occurred, and to let Angelica continue with the mission. Marco relents, and the team ends up capturing Bruno and killing Vincenzo, who were the terrorists used by the PRF, after a successful ambush by Angelica and Rico. Angelica is initially disappointed in herself for failing to kill neither of the terrorists, due to their bulletproof car, but Marco praises her for carrying out the mission correctly, thus making her rather giddy with joy as she and Rico talk about what just occurred.

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