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Episode Summary: Takuma block the gun, calling Hayami his mom, and is able to save Hayami. Following after Takuma, Hotaru arrives with the police to arrest her grandfather and his supporters. Takuma suffers from a mental trauma that causes his mind to return to his childhood stage…to the time when his mother was still alive. He now thinks that Hayami is his mother. Hayami and Takuma is to return to Takuma’s old home where he and his real mother once lived because the doctor recommended that it is best for Takuma to be living in the same environment that his mental state is in. The life of Hayami being Takuma’s mother goes on, while Takuma still have bits and pieces of memories of the true Hayami. While returning from the grocery store Takuma and Hayami came upon a railroad track; an attempt to heal Takuma’s mental trauma, Hayami recreate the scene when Takuma’s mother’s accident occurred. By sacrificing herself, Hayami made Takuma realized that Takuma’s mother did not commit suicide but was killed because she tried to save Takuma from getting run over by the train. Takuma returned to the village and build a windmill on the hill where he first met Hayami. While visiting the windmill Takuma meet a younger Otoha who present Hayami saying she convinced the Spirit Committee to bring Hayami back to life. Hayami and Takuma stood together upon that hill, gazing to the sky by the windmill.

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