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Episode Summary: Takuma is shown around town by Hinata and two of her friends, and while out they come across a suspension bridge. Takuma is told that a monster lives on the other side and that he should never cross the bridge. Despite the warning, Takuma crosses the bridge later that day and finds Hayami nude washing in a waterfall, and she later brings him to her home which consists of two old ropeway gondolas. He soon discovers her poor lifestyle, despite that he tries to help her out. Takuma protects Hayami from being beaten up at school the next day and soon Hinata intervenes, ending the fight and protecting both of them. A flashback is shown where Hayami is being befriended by Hinata, but there was a fire after their meeting and Hinata stopped their friendship. After the fight Takuma follows Hayami to her house where she teaches him how to build a toy windmill.

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  1. Unleashed

    Feb 4th, 2017

    This is so wrong, even the teacher didn’t do anything.

  2. Unleashed

    Feb 4th, 2017

    Why is she so hated? Fuck everyone in this show around Hirose and Hayami!!

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