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Episode Summary: It is revealed that Hinata's real name is in fact Hotaru and after her older sister Hinata died many years ago, the Kagura family decided to tell the village that Hotaru had actually died, thus Hotaru took Hinata's place. Hotaru does not want to do this anymore, but her grandfather gets very angry at her for trying to revert to being Hotaru again after so many years. Hotaru's grandfather forbids her from going outside the house for the time being, not even for school. During this time, Hotaru thinks of the past when she was with Hinata. After she receives some class notes from school from her friends, and reads the notes they attached, and finally decides to go to school the following day and she tells everyone that her name is actually Hotaru. Her friends quickly adapt to the change and call her Hotaru now.

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  1. Unleashed

    Feb 4th, 2017

    Just doesn’t feel right, I mean just a while ago they were all like you’re a cockroach and just ridiculed her and now it’s just a normal day at school. What, I won’t accept this after all the times she got hurt physically and verbally no one did anything to help her, besides Hirose.

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