Haibane Renmei Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Trash Day — Clock Tower — Birds Flying Over the Walls"

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Episode Summary: Exploring her job options, Rakka spends a day with Kana. This begins early in the morning with taking out the trash and fighting off crows that plague the yard. Rakka suggests setting aside any leftover food the crows might like, but Kana replies that birds are the only creatures that can fly back and forth over the walls of the city, and that if they were to become too comfortable inside, they might never be free again. She then shows Rakka her personal project — a broken-down clock tower on the Old Home campus — and they hurry off to Kana's work place, a much larger clock tower and shop in the center of Glie. Kana's employer is a gruff old man who treats her very strictly but secretly appreciates her and worries that Rakka's presence means Kana will leave soon. After Kana and Rakka clean up a mess left by repair workers, they go out on a balcony which turns out to be the highest point in town, other than the walls. They then return home, and Kana's boss gives her a set of tools with which to repair the Old Home clock tower.

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