Haikyuu!! Episode 25 English Subbed

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10 Responses to “Haikyuu!! Episode 25”

  1. atefeh

    Sep 21st, 2014

    why videos doesn’t have the same quality as before this website used to have anime with high quality but now its really bad :(

  2. Meruru

    Sep 21st, 2014

    the vids got smaller but has a bit higher file size than usual. i don’t mind a bigger file size (around 100mb) but please do upload in bigger resolution so the quality that is lost isn’t much when watching in full screen. i know this might be a rude request but there are DLers out there who collect vids for preservation purposes. This is the best site for me since it’s in mp4 and has best quality vids compared to sites who only upload MKVs. Sorry i don’t mean to offend you guys in any way. I still love yous <3

  3. GURUu

    Sep 21st, 2014

    :( can’t be bother going other website, and I used to be able to download from mp4upload :/ now I can’t …

    But anyways thx for upload and hopefully there will be s2 in future :D

  4. bolticxxx

    Sep 21st, 2014

    so this is the end of season 1. hope there will be a season 2….^^

  5. Fanjazztic

    Sep 21st, 2014

    Should be a season 2 i recon, i mean they are going to that tournament.
    Otherwise its another shit ending of a great anime..

  6. shalihinjack

    Nov 21st, 2014

    wooo… a we som me !!

  7. Jelly99

    Feb 17th, 2015

    …… I’m speechless, couldn’t help but cry at the end. This was such a good anime with action, emotions and really funny scenes XD I’ve laughed so much and felt so many emotions, a really heart warming anime with passion! This competes with Kuroko no Basket!!! ^-^

  8. Jelly99

    Feb 17th, 2015

    Oh, and I really enjoyed the match with Nekoma. And I replayed the scene when they said good bye so many times! Hahaha XD Really funny ^^

  9. FreezingFire

    Sep 15th, 2015

    s2 plz………i really want to see karasuno improvement more…hope s2 will be out in a while

  10. FreezingFire

    Sep 15th, 2015

    why do this video stopped here??WHYYYYYYYYYY?!

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