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"File 11: Flight of the Victor"
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Episode Summary: Nice and Moral go to the Nowhere Café as the disturbance in the streets increases. Nice explains that thanks to Honey he was able to find Moral and asks him what he did to Art. After explaining to Nice he already knows the answer, Moral talks about how the Essence is a substance he extracted from an innate Minimum Holder's brains to unlock new powers. Using Essence, Moral wishes to create a world with equality and Nice agrees with some of his ideals. Meanwhile, Ratio has Chiyu treated while Honey and Three are requested help with the riots by the police. Moral then explains his motivation to "save" Nice by making others equal to him but it makes Nice laugh for his decisions of who is weak and strong. Murasaki then fights Minimum Holders causing disturbance alongside. The civic center against Minimum Holders is then attacked by a tank. Moral leaves Nowhere by threatening Koneko, promising Nice he will fight him after finishing something. Takahiro and Hajime go to the civic center to protect the former's mother from the Minimum Holders. He then starts mutating again to fight his enemies. Takahiro is victorious and his mother thanks him. Staring at the situation, a saddened Moral makes Takahiro's body explode angering Nice while Hajime unleashes an unknown power.

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  1. KingZ


    Mar 18th, 2014

    Next ep ends it all.

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    Cant wait till it comes

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    Mar 19th, 2014

    takahiro T.T

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    Mar 21st, 2014

    WTF….moral…he plant THAT?!?! in people’s body?! what the F…..!

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