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"File 04: The Wandering Totem Pole"
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Episode Summary: While Hamatora helps film a commercial as a publicity stunt to cover up Takahiro's rampage, Art has Minimum Holders—Honey and Three assist in a case. This causes Honey to misplace her briefcase for one filled with totem poles at the airport. Elsewhere, Art and Gasquet follow up on a string of attempted robberies committed by minors using guns obtained via a threatening email which also predicts an insurrection. While a group of men kidnap Honey because of the briefcase, Art enlists Nice to help in the gun case. Three eventually rescues Honey and discovers the kidnappers to be smuggling gun parts into the city. Afterwards, Nice establishes a link between the gun case and a popular online video by Katsuragi Yuuki using subliminal messaging while unaware that Moral had been the one manipulating Katsuragi. Meanwhile, Honey tracks down her briefcase from a smugger and discovers that the totem poles contain gun parts. After relaying this to Art, he has her predict the location of the insurrection and the police foil it just in time with Hamatora's help. Afterwards, Art and Nice discover the murdered Katsuragi at his home and Nice likens to himself to the mastermind despite having no knowledge of Moral's connection.

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  1. KingZ


    Jan 28th, 2014

    this is a great pretty good anime so far

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  3. Otaku

    Feb 3rd, 2014

    OMG!This is like,the nicest anime ever!!!

  4. NoxByFirstTry

    Feb 25th, 2014

    yay . but wth when they use your power. they really screwd the animation

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