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"File 06: The Prophet's Torment"
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Episode Summary: A young girl named Chiyu starts working with a western artist. However, she is kidnapped and Ratio and Birthday work on the case involving her who has been their friend since school. Meanwhile, another Minimum is murdered by Moral and Honey realizes Art does not want to get Nice into the case. Ratio and Birthday interrogate a friend from the victim, Misty, but fail to get clues about her. Nice and Murasaki are also requested a job by the artist Torao. Birthday is kidnapped by another person who wishes to kidnap Misty. As Misty and Ratio go to find the kidnapper, they later remember how as a kid he distanced himself from others due to being able to predict people's deaths and the ill Birthday's survival to an operation resulted in their friendship. Ratio finds Birthday and Chiyu and sees the mastermind is Chiyu's manager. The manager reveals his own Minimum and fights Ratio until Birthday assists him and forces him to escape. Nice and Murasaki then arrive and defeat the manager after being hired to capture him. The group learns from the manager that he got an artificial Minimum and Nice goes to tell Art he already knows the serial killer's identity, Moral, just as he takes Gasquet's form with his Minimum.

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    has anyone else noticed that the old dude with the cane is opening his right eye instead of his left eye like in previous episodes???

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