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"File 07: Black Cosmos"
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Episode Summary: Nice becomes involved in the case to arrest Moral and his constant recommendations offend Art. Gasquet notices the recent changes in Art's behavior and asks Honey about his past. Honey explains Art went to the Facultas Academy with his late younger brother and as a result of not awakening his Minimum he has been forcing himself to stand out despite not having it. Art's teacher, Three, takes the young man to train together and remind him that despite not having a Minimum he has already proven himself. Meanwhile, Nice and Murasaki receive a job from an man whose abuse on women result in a group of people trying to beat him up in revenge. Having to calm both forces using force bothers Nice and decides to go meet Art. Art finds Moral in the near his brother's grave and the criminal reveals his intentions to make everybody Minimum Holders so that they become equals to Nice, whom he admires. Following Art's refusal to receive a Minimum, Moral stabs him and kills him as Art tries to answer Nice's phone call but not before revealing him an unknown truth.

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    I hope this is not what it looks like because otherwise you guys are assholes.

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