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"File 08: The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon"
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Episode Summary: Moral takes the form of late Art to answer Nice's phone call and starts acting like him. Later, Nice and Murasaki receive a job where they have to find the manufacturer of a drug that sends people into eternal sleep. Nice and Murasaki go to the area with Theo and Rei who visit the beach. There, Theo has an argument with a gang and decides to settle by competing in a triathlon. Shortly afterwards, Nice takes advantage of Theo's appearance to attract a drugdealer who would take him to the drug's manufacturer. Nice and Murasaki learn the manufacturer has taken his own drugs and is their client's brother. In compensation for being used, Theo requests Nice to participate in the triathlon with him. Before the competition, Murasaki talks with the unconscious drugdealer, feeling related as both as constantly overshadowed by others. In the triathlon, the rival gang has hired Honey, Three, Birthday and Ratio but they are disqualified shortly after the beginning. In the final act, Murasaki joins the rival gang to challenge Nice on a one-on-one while bringing the comatose man to see him fight. Although Nice wins, the drugdealer awakes and starts arguing with his brother. Meanwhile, Moral and his assistant Momoka commence a surgery.

3 Responses to “Hamatora The Animation Episode 8”

  1. KingZ


    Feb 25th, 2014

    One of my fav shows this winter

  2. Tamy

    Feb 26th, 2014

    lol. ….but…do they really have to repeat the last episode I got upset about it …again ; ; but…THAT WAS HILARIOUS x’DDDDDDDDD later on… – 3-~

  3. Paradox

    Mar 4th, 2014

    Is it just me or was the gun not gold this time? I am pretty sure in episode 7 that the gun he used was gold…….

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