Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Innocent Girl"

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Episode Summary: Kajika transfers to a Japanese middle school from America and becomes good friends with her classmate Yui Yamate, and stays in Japan for a day. However, on the day she arrives, Kajika attracts the attention of a bad senior, and at the end of school, she is cornered by that senior and her gang. Kajika's bodyguard Haga Toranosuke comes to save her but is unable to because one guy holds her, so she gets into the car and agrees to go. Once there, the leader decides that he wants her to be his but she states, "How do you intend to make me yours, my heart isn't even here". Just as the gang is about to attack her, Li-Ren, who Kajika has the utmost faith in, appears and protects her.

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