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"Shape of Love"
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Episode Summary: Mahaty, for his protection, resides with Kathleen, who was made Lady of the Inner Court by Mahati. Assassins once again came for Mahaty and both he and Kathleen flee through the fire escape while Mahaty's attendant holds the assassin back. Mahaty and Kathleen were cornered however, Mahaty was able to subdue the pursuers using his word as King. Mahaty and Kathleen talked. And one thing led to another. Mahaty proposed to Kathleen then returned to Raginei to get permission from his father, leaving Kathleen in Fred's hands and promising to return. In the present, Kajika learns of the truth behind her father's lineage. Fred then burns the manuscript of the novel he was writing. A novel about Mahaty.

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  1. Chevy

    Jun 2nd, 2016

    That family tree must be confusing

  2. Chevy

    Jun 2nd, 2016

    The prince got the blonde girl (Kajika grandmother) pregnant and they were going to get married but some how they didn’t so Ferd married the blonde girl (grandmother) so that the child would have a father and the child is the father (Harry) of Kajika who is the main female character. So her real grandfather would have to be the prince who would have married the blonde girl (grandmother). So some how the prince got married and had a child and they got married and that is the child that Harry has chosen to be 1 of the 3 men that could marry Kajika.

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