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Episode Summary: This episodes starts out with a letter addressed to Kajika's Japanese school friend Yui. While Yui is being flown to New York, Eugene is away in Austria as it is the anniversary of his mother's death. Yui meets Rumaty and automatically thinks of him as having the appearance of a prince. Due to the dangerous nature of his identity he is introduced as Rumanty Ivan a visiting friend from Singapore. While in Singapore Lee-leng meets with Carl, where he reveals who the Rosenthal group intends to support. He explains that the plan is to force both Rumaty and Somand into a confrontation in which the hope is that they would both destroy each other. Carl and his father are opposed, Carl can not support the idea of determining one nation's future on the basis of one company's profit. What is even worse is the fact that his father has based this decision on his emotions and grudges. Carl admits to Lee-leng that when he thinks of Kajika he can imagine there being no quarrel between Rosenthal and Burnsworth. Carl tells Lee-leng of how Harry Burnsworth came to him almost a year ago and said "If you want her, you can have her. It all depends on Kajika". Carl wants Kajika and intends to take him up on that offer.

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    They are in America why does everyone look Asia and speak Japanese

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    22 out of 39

    17 more episodes to go

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