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"Missing Piece"
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Episode Summary: Mr. Burnsworth is informed on the phone by Lee-Leng that the next day Kajika would be flying to Singapore to visit Rumaty. That night, Kajika goes to Carl Rosenthal's apartment in New York to get the update of what was happening in Raginei. Kajika sits there and waits until Carl comes from work. Surprised, he leads her in. Before they can talk much, Carl's three sisters barge in, filled with anger about lowering their allowance to 100,000 a month. Carl gets them even more frustrated and is about to leave the room when one of his sisters turns off the lights, knowing that he is claustrophobic and the dark reminds him of when he was trapped in a well. He falls to the ground, grabbing at his throat while the sisters taunt him. Kajika bursts in from behind a door with a lighter, disgusted. She turns on the lights and throws a vase of flowers at them. She yells, telling them how low it was to use someone's weakness against them. The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it. Carl thanks Kajika, as it was the second time she had saved him. He hugs her, saying that he loves her and made him not hate women anymore. He says that he will always wait for her, that she was the girl who opened everything to him. -P.O.S-

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