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"Heavy Chains"
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Episode Summary: Kajika is set on going to Raginei. Lee-leng has refused. Kajika explains to both Lee-leng and Toranosuke that she believes she must go. Meanwhile news of Eugene's abduction reaches Lee-leng, thinking that there's a high probability that Najayra is behind it. Meanwhile Noei gains the support of Lieutenant Kopel, in which the lieutenant vows to hold soldiers back in order to fight for Rumaty's return. The elders of the Huang group visit in order to inform Lee-leng that a bride has been chosen for him, his cousin Ling-lee. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to which Lee-leng refuses. With this in mind Kajika visits Rumaty and shows a flashback to a time in which she and Lee-leng seemed to be closer. Having made up her mind Kajika says farewell to Rumaty and vows that she will see Raginei with her own eyes. To do this she stows away in Ling-lee's car and escapes the property.

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