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"Unstoppable Progress"
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Episode Summary: Quinza plans on capturing Noei and his group but keeping them alive to prove that someone from the government was leaking information about the secret police. The police Quinza sent arrive at the hideout. Kajika, Goslen and Lee-leng escape the hideout using an underground maze. Kajika saves the group from being discovered by pretending to be Rumaty, and asking the members of the police to help her save Raginei from destruction, they believe her and lead the group out of the maze and into safety. Near the end of the episode, Noei is captured by the police. Lee-leng, Goslen and Kajika find a new hideout. Kajika tells Lee-leng that Goslen is trying to get them out of Raginei but she won't leave, because she loves the people of Raginei and the country itself. At the end Quinza meets Noei who was captured and now kept imprisoned.

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