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"Sharp Words"
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Episode Summary: Carl meets the very depressed Lee-Leng for an explanation of the sudden news that he'll be married to his cousin and at the same time tries to convince him to fight his way through this hurdle. Lee-Leng was somehow motivated by Carl's words and simultaneously learns of King Mahaty's grave condition. Kajika, Fred and Harry heads to Raginei to visit Mahaty. Kajika who meets her biological grandfather for the first time was motivated to go all the way and fight for her love after listening to Mahaty's words. Rumaty on the other hand is surprised to find out that Kajika is his blood related cousin. After the meet, Kajika tells Harry that she wants to cut ties with him in order to be able to leave out the Burnsworth name and find Lee-Leng again. Harry agrees instantaneously although he seemed rather shocked at first. Harry also states that he will only be giving Kajika the Gibori Island, which made Kajika rather happy. Toranosuke was told by Harry that his contract is up but he was persistent on continuing to follow and help Kajika at his own free will. Outside of the Raginei Palace, when Kajika was trying to borrow money from Toranosuke for the taxi and airfare for her journey to Singapore, Eugene appears to be waiting for Kajika and asks Kajika what she really wants at this instant. Kajika tells him that she wants Lee-Leng and Eugene states that since that is what she wants, that is what he'll be giving her (Lee-Leng).

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  1. Chevy

    Jun 3rd, 2016

    What was the real reason Kajika cut ties with the Burnsworth family and why did they not show the grandfather

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