Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 6 English Subbed

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"Pure Heart"

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Episode Summary: Kajika and Rumati both take a stroll and Rumati asks Kajika to leave him alone. Kajika mildly threatens to shout and alert the others of Rumati's absence and this causes Rumati to allow Kajika to follow him. Kajika introduces herself and asks Rumati all sorts of questions. There was an instance where when Kajika showed admiration for the Raginei's headgear and clothing, Rumati took off his headgear and gave it to Kajika. Kajika placed the headgear on her head and under the romantic moonlight, Rumati was briefly enchanted with Kajika's beauty that is, until a lorry sped and wanted to ram into Rumati. Sensing something amiss, Rumati took hold of Kajika and both try to escape the assassins. In the woods, they encountered two persons from the Hong Kong Street Kids ( a small scale gangster group). One of the guys wanted to toy with Kajika and suddenly a third guy, who appears to have a higher authority allowed both Kajika and Rumati to tell their story and that is when he gave both of them shelter for the night. Meanwhile, Li-Ren as trusted by Quinza to, used the Huang's family influences to hurriedly find both Kajika and Rumati. As the search for Rumati and Kajika was on, Kajika was quick to make friends with all three guys from the HK Street Kids throughout the night but suddenly, the assassins, who included Lieutenant Noei from Raginei, found the hideout and attacked incessantly.

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    They are in the forest at night wearing SUNGLASSES searching for them.

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