Hanasaku Iroha Episode 26 English Subbed

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"When the Flowers Bloom"

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Episode Summary: As everyone explores the Bonbori festival, Ohana, who now dreams of being just like Sui goes to meet up with Kōichi, finally confessing her feelings for him. After the festival, a farewell party is held for Denroku, where Enishi announces that he agrees to the Kissuiso being shut down until he feels he is talented enough to run it properly. As the Kissuiso closes down the next day and everyone parts ways, Sui sees off Ohana, who promises to return someday, giving her Denroku's log as a keepsake.

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    i just finished watching this. very fascinating.. certainly one of the best drama! :’(

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    Good anime. Good story .. :’( season 2 please

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    That was so good! Thanks:)

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