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Episode Summary: Minko and Nako discover Ohana has gone missing, as she has been confined by Tarō, who admits he was trying to come up with a sex novel to pay his hotel bill. When he is discovered by Nako and the others, he attempts to make a run for it by stealing one of the inn's vans, so all of the staff get in a car and give chase. They eventually find him at a seaside cliff where he jumps into the sea, but Nako dives in to save him from drowning. As Tarō laments his lack of talent, Ohana slaps him then tells him that, even though his novel is perverted, they showed a side of Ohana she never knew about herself before. Afterwards, they arrange for Tarō to work at the inn to pay off his bill. Renji and Tōru cook up a meal with portable stoves from the back of the car. Their meal has plenty of spinach (Minko's least favorite food) and so Ohana takes the chance to serve Minko a bowl-full of it in place of the revenge meal Ohana had prepared for her earlier. Later that night, Ohana finds notes Minko wrote on devising an alternative insult to 'die', and also receives a text from Kōichi.

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