Hanasaku Iroha Episode 9 English Subbed

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"Kissuisō's Longest Day"

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Episode Summary: Ohana ends up finding Tōru with the encouragement from Kōichi. He tries to book a stay in order to see Ohana except the rooms were full and he went home. Tōru says that if Ohana thinks he could solve the problem at Kissuisō, then he'll just have to fix it. While Tōru and Ohana travel back to Kissuisō, Kōichi passes by them in the train but does not realise. During the journey back Ohana uses Tōru's helmet and wonders if all boys' hair smell like scent in the helmet. In the end, they pull through and tend to every customer. A woman and her mother were actually the people who were from the magazine and due to Ohana's motto that every customer is equal, Kissuisō received a good rating. The Manager comes back from the hospital at the end. Ohana sends a text message to Kōichi, expressing her gratitude while Kōichi is working. After receiving it Kōichi gets called by one the female workers to help look for something.

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