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"The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle for Work Reasons"

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Episode Summary: In the wake of Satan and Alciel's departure from Ente Isla, Emilia and her comrades give chase. Back in present-day Japan, Sadao tries to reason with Emilia; now under the identity Emi Yusa, although she ignores and tries to attack him. Afterwards, they are both arrested and brought to a police station for questioning where the officer in charge mistakes them for having a couple's quarrel, much to Emi's protest. On their way home, Emi threatens Sadao although he just shrugs. The following day while feeling angry that she isn't living a better lifestyle than Sadao, Emi pays them a visit. Shirō, in shock, locks her out but lets her in after Sadao casually explains her circumstances. After commenting on Sadao's lifestyle, she explains that she along with Archbishop Olba Meiyā were going to follow them through the portal before it disappeared but she ended up being the only one transported. Over the next few days, Emi begins stalking Sadao and Shirō around town and learns that they are living good humble lives. This prompts her to ask him after work if he had considered staying in the human world, to which he boldly states that he will return to conquer Ente Isla. Just then, they both come under a magical attack from a sniper and hurriedly escape. Sadao realizes they may have a common enemy and blames Emi before leaving for the night. Emi however shows up again at his apartment much to his suspicion and awkwardly asks if she could stay the night since she lives a distance away and lost her wallet while they were escaping. Sadao casually gives her sanctuary again to Shirō's shock while Emi tearfully ponders to herself how she got herself into that situation. That night, Sadao receives a mysterious text from Chiho warning that more earthquakes are on the way while asking for his advice.

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