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"The Devil Goes on a Date with His Junior in Shinjuku"

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Episode Summary: The following morning the national news broadcasts a report mentioning the attack that Emi and Sadao were involved in while Chiho excitedly prepares for her date with Sadao. Meanwhile Emi receives an anonymous call at work from the same enemy who shot at them, who explains that killing both her and Satan would be in Ente Isla's best interests. Later, the police track down Sadao from his bicycle left at the scene and Emi is forced to vouch for his identity while afterwards warning him about their common enemy. Later, Sadao meets Chiho for their date which, unbeknownst to them are followed by a cautious Shirō and a suspicious Emi, the latter of whom drags Shirō into the cafe to eavesdrop on Sadao. During the date, Chiho explains to Sadao that she had been hearing a strange language recently (the language of Ente Isle unknown to her). She further explains that the speakers were trying to contact someone and made references to a large earthquake soon to occur. Sadao realizes that the phenomena was a magical communication system called "Idea Link" and that the earthquakes were most likely caused by a Sonar Spell trying to detect him and Emi. At this time a shocked Sadao notices Emi walk into the cafe and before Chiho can to confess to him, she is interrupted by Emi. Chiho misunderstands Emi's reasoning for her interruption and they get into a loud argument, just as a large earthquake suddenly strikes. When Chiho briefly awakens, surrounded by devastation, she reconciles with Emi who again warns her about Sadao before knocking her out with a Sleep Spell. Emi then calls out to Satan who appears from some debris in his demonic form. Emi ponders killing him right there with her remaining magic but Satan shocks her by stating he will get them out of the collapsed mall, leaving Emi to wonder why he would help them.

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