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"The Devil and the Hero Save Sasazuka"

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Episode Summary: Emi asks Lucifer how he survived their previous battle on Ente Isla but Sadao deduces that he was aided by her former comrade Olba Meiyā who had promised to return Lucifer to Heaven in exchange for his help, while Olba reveals himself to Emi's shock. Lucifer proceeds to attack Sadao and co. with Shirō taking a hit. As the group flee, Sadao explains to Emi that Lucifer draws his magic from negative emotions and hence was responsible for the string of muggings in Sasazuka. As they get cornered, Sadao teleports himself and Emi to the crowded Sasazuka Station. Here, the dumbstruck crowd looks on as Lucifer seemingly kills Sadao with a magical bullet and then destroys the overhead transport bridge. The debris head to crush Emi and Chiho but Satan emerges in his demonic form and using the negative emotions of the onlookers to fuel his magic, saves Emi and Chiho. After, Satan sets up a magical barrier, knocking all of the civilians unconscious while Emilia calls forth her magic and engages Lucifer in aerial combat. Alciel then shows up, healed, in his demonic form and joins the battle. Chiho looks on at the incredible scene at which point Satan finishes Olba and then Lucifer with a multi-layered magical punch. In the aftermath, Sadao and co. officially introduce themselves to Chiho. Just then Emi's comrades from Ente Isla, Emeralda Etūva and Albertio Ende arrive through a portal, reunite with Emi and explain the corrupt state of the Church back on Ente Isla. Afterwards at Sadao's apartment, Albertio explains he used the Sonar and Idea Link Spells which were intercepted by Chiho. Meanwhile, Satan uses his remaining magic to restore the city along with erasing the civilian's minds. Later, at MgRonald, Sadao explains to Chiho that he has enough left to erase her mind causing her to yell at him.

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  1. Yoshino-chan

    May 3rd, 2013

    Awesome episode XD

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    May 3rd, 2013

    hero and maou fighting together to save sasazuka

  5. taylor

    May 3rd, 2013

    looks like another japanese demons arent as bad as you think and the church maybe is story. they love making these.

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    May 3rd, 2013

    I love this show~! XD

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    May 3rd, 2013

    And Lucifer gets beaten up… (as expected) XP

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    Great anime¡¡

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    Love the new Op Animation… Maou Look soooo cooll..

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    thank tou

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    liking this anime more and more

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    love this story

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    oh yeah !!!!

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    Very good

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    thank you

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    May 4th, 2013

    hawl riight~

  29. kate

    May 5th, 2013

    lol emilia looks better with whiet hair and her friends was so cute >.< dont forget how handsome maou was haha

  30. ramp

    May 6th, 2013

    great n cool mao san

  31. Agent287

    May 9th, 2013

    I like this episode. And Maou-sama is somewhat becoming les Dark Lord.

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    i love this serie

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