Hatenkou Yuugi Episode 7 English Subbed

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"When the Flower Blooms"

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Episode Summary: Rahzel and her companions are traveling in the snowy mountains when a sudden avalanche comes barreling toward them, and in the midst of this, Rahzel and the others are pulled down into another part of the mountain. They wake up to find a young albino girl named Ludovika, and members of the village comes to retrieve her. The village leader inquires to how Alzeid, who is also an albino, can go outside, and he responds that it does not take much to enable him to have a normal life. In the middle of the night, Alzeid overhears that the villagers are planning to kill them, so they leave, but Ludovika follows them and helps to guide them out of the forest. The village elder ends up attacking by using the trees, but Ludovika jumps into his attack in order to save Alzeid. Ludovika finally sees the blue sky, but she disappears in a flash of white flower petals. It turns out that Ludovika and the villagers were personifications of the surrounding forest.

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