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"First Love Limited"
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Episode Summary: Kei, Ayumi, Koyoi and Nao plan their next move while taking a dip in an onsen, as Yoshihiko, Yuuji and Misao are on their way to see their siblings. Meanwhile, after spending the night huddled in one sleeping bag, and running out of luck, Kusuda, Sogabe, and Mamoru ran to the beach, yelling their feelings for the ones they love...but not knowing that the girls they harbor feelings for have caught up with them--and were just behind them! Sogabe had no trouble expressing what he feels for Nao; Ayumi talked to Mamoru about what she feels; and Kei, who got the biggest shock of all, literally tackled a runaway Kusuda to the sand. Back home, in a separate incident, Rika Dobashi, finding out that the girls found the missing boys, revealed that if Haruto Terai were to do what Kusuda, Mamoru, and Sogabe did, she'd hate it. Days after the beach escapade, Yuuji talked to Misaki; while Ayumi went straight to the Zaitsu household to literally choose between the boy that she loves and the boy that loves her.

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  1. Lydia

    Oct 7th, 2016

    I’m in love with this series! So sweet, so cute, so touching and funny… Nothing unreal or extravagant: simple and beautiful and honest, that’s the way I like it :-D

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