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"Hayate the Combat Butler!! OVA (Hayate's Interests!)"
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Episode Summary: The entire recurring cast is invited to the private beach inside the Sanzenin estate. Just as Nagi is about to join in the fun, she starts to feel shy (embarrassed to show Hayate her swimsuit), and Hayate tries his hardest to convince her about the beauty of the beach. After some time, some of the girls spy around for Hayate. Everyone goes to play volleyball, Maria ask Hayate to check on Nagi again believing she has given up and wants to join. He accidentally sees Aika Kasumi, the vice president of Hakuou, and Hinagiku changing. As Nagi is ready to go into the open water, she finds out that Hayate is being spied on by other women. When she runs out into the harbor, an evil spirit enters her body and flies out into the sky. The evil spirit starts stripping those of their swimsuits. After Hayate rescues Nagi, they find themselves stranded on an island. Isumi exorcises the evil spirit. On the island, Nagi tries to give Hayate CPR, but he wakes up and embarrasses her. At sunset, they wonder what’s going happen to them since they're stranded until they find Maria and everyone else there. Hayate realizes just how big the Sanzenin estate is.

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