Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 1 English Subbed

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"The Forbidden Freestyle Marathon!"

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Episode Summary: A marathon meet on the 1st of February is coming up at Hakuou Academy, and Maria and Hayate want Nagi to participate too. Nagi makes a bet with Klaus, where if she can get in first place in one of the races, then that would prove Hayate's worth as a butler, but if she cannot, then Hayate will be fired. Hinagiku mentions the cash prize for winning the event is 150 million yen, which her older sister Yukiji burst in. Hayate trains with Nagi the next two days, and the day of the race the two get off on a slow start. Saki comments on the race which embarrass Wataru. Before long, Hayate must carry Nagi throughout most of the race, and faces a few enemies along the way impeding their progress. After leading Hinagiku onto a suspended bridge, due to fear of heights, Nagi goes on ahead, but just as she is about to win, Yukiji beats her to the goal at the last minute (despite leaving Kyonosuke behind), winning the 150 million yen prize which surprises everyone.

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