Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 13 English Subbed

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"Feeling of Freedom"

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Episode Summary: Hayate remembers the meeting at the clock tower with Hinagiku and finally arrives. Hinagiku wakes to see Hayate, and after noticing the time, becomes enraged at Hayate's tardiness. She begins to attack Hayate with the "Masamune Bokken" she received from Isumi, and after a while, Hinagiku loses control of her emotions due to the sword and cries in Hayate's chest. Later, Hinagiku becomes embarrassed due to losing control of her emotions, and when she asks Hayate for her present, Hayate gives her some cookies he baked. Hinagiku then proceeds with telling Hayate about how her past family also left her and her sister behind with a debt of 80 million yen and how she can relate to Hayate. Hayate leads Hinagiku to the terrace and makes her look at the view which they saw the first time they met to make her feel better. After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that she is in love with Hayate. Just that she was too afraid to admit it in case he might disappear like her biological parents. The next day, Hinagiku greets Hayate (i.e. by his first name), and Nagi reflects that Hinagiku might have fallen in love Hayate, but he doubts it. Hinagiku happily says to her parents in her mind that she found someone she likes.

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