Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 14 English Subbed

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"The Saginomiya Resident's Relatives"

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Episode Summary: Nagi wakes up after her dream where she became the number three spot in the Hayate the Combat Butler character rankings and Hinagiku became the top spot. On that night, Sakuya and Isumi are battling an evil eye yōkai, however they fail to catch its remainder. The next day, Maria gives bag to Hayate to deliver to Isumi because she is not feeling well. Hayate meets Isumi's mother, Hatsuho, and grandmother at the Saginomiya mansion. Afterwards, Isumi is attacked by the giant evil eye yōkai and Hayate saves Isumi. After leaving the Saginomiya mansion, Hayate walks with Maria when a small person wearing a mask in all does something unpleasant to Maria while attacking Hayate. Their battle ends abruptly to reveal the person as Ginka Saginomiya, Isumi's great-grandmother. Isumi arbitrate them for now. Ginka reverts to her old-self again, and sucks Hayate's blood to gain back her youth. Hayate comes back home to the mansion, in a state of anemia.

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