Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 16 English Subbed

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"Stardust Memory"

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Episode Summary: Ayumu and Nagi manage to get away from the killers, but Nagi jumps off the bike soon after, telling Ayumu that she will be fine since Hayate is coming. She became upset when Ayumu asked if she had a mother. At an onsen, Hatsuho says Hayate resembles Nagi's mother. Hayate finds Ayumu's cellphone and is promptly attacked by Ginka, who wants to take him to the Shimoda onsen as well. Ayumu comes back to Nagi to share a soft drink when the masked killers return, and Ayumu and Nagi jump on the bike again to escape. Hayate and Ginka arrive after they compromised, and Ginka takes care of the masked killers, allowing the others to meet up at the train station in Atami. Nagi tells Hayate to bike Ayumu the rest of the way, and Hinagiku looks after Nagi and Maria on the train. Once in Shimoda, Nagi meets with Sakuya and the two go to a secret hot spring which causes Nagi to act like she is intoxicated, though it does not adversely affect Sakuya or Hayate who comes to retrieve Nagi, much to her embarrassment. Later, an alien comes crashing into Nagi's room at night.

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