Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 17 English Subbed

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"Under the Cherry Blossoms"

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Episode Summary: Nagi decides to help the alien, Maya, to find its misplaced spaceship. In the onsen, Hinagiku prepares herself to tell Ayumu the truth about her feelings for Hayate, but passes out from heat stroke instead. Nagi and Maya find the spaceship at the Saginomiya's place, where Hayate had agreed to meet Ginka so that he could give blood to Isumi to restore her powers. However, Isumi declines, despite which Ginka violently attacks Hayate. Kotetsu appears and try to seduce him that he seriously dislikes, Nagi finds them and have a fight with Hayate. Nagi runs away and boards Maya’s spaceship and suddenly the spaceship lifts off into outer space. Isumi regains her powers and sends Hayate and Maya to outer space. Nagi cries believing she won’t see Hayate again, the moment she cried out for him, "HAYATE!" he appears and saved her. They found out Yukiji set off the spaceship and knock her out. Maya then sends Hayate and Nagi home. Hayate encounters Nagi's mother, Yukariko Sanzenin, in a dream and finds out that the reason Nagi comes to Shimoda every year is to remember the anniversary of her mother's death. Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother.

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