Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Money's Tiger"

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Episode Summary: Nagi glooms for losing the race on one measly step. As stipulated, Hayate is to be fired as Nagi's butler, but as Klaus fears getting fired himself for this since Nagi desperately wants Hayate to stay; and Maria felt humiliated by the heroic act that Klaus set up for her and Saki earlier. Klaus sends Hayate off to be trained at the Tiger's Den for Butlers to show his worth. Hayate meets a Catholic sister on the train, Sister Fortesia, and he later meets her again at a church which doubles as the location of the Tiger's Den. Ayumu reminds Nagi about Hayate’s horrible luck with women, so she calls Hayate to relieve herself until the nun confiscate his cellphone. The next day, Hayate must find three others to go on a Butler Quest in an underground dungeon as a part of his training. He first asks Hinagiku (now calling him by his surname) but holds back due to her frightening presence. Nagi is quick to join; Yukiji (who didn't get to keep the prize because of a debt) and Wataru also join in.

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