Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 23 English Subbed

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"Our Destination"

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Episode Summary: Tired after a day's work, Nagi decides to take a nap even though Sakuya's birthday party is that same evening. At the party, Aika Kasumi discovers that Chiharu works as Sakuya's maid. Meanwhile, Sakuya forces an extremely reluctant Wataru to entertain her and her guests; he performed tamely yet Sakuya comforts him and he trips on top of her in time for Isumi to see them. When Hayate and Nagi arrived, Sakuya manages to get Hayate to perform as well. The audiences thought Hayate’s performance was great, except Sakuya, Nagi, and Maria. Sakuya introduces her father and younger twin siblings to Hayate. After seeing Sakuya play with her troublesome siblings and her humorous father, Nagi wanders off. At Café Donguri, Hinagiku asks Ayumu to see the cherry blossoms with her, saying that she needs to talk with Ayumu about something important.

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