Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 25 English Subbed

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"Because It's All About the Butler and His Mistress"

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Episode Summary: Nagi is forced to rest after coming down with a fever after a day of hard work. Hayate said they're alone in the mansion! Nagi asks Hayate to do something that makes her sleepy, upon which Hayate tells a strange and nonsensical version of Alice in Wonderland. Bored, unable and unwilling to fall asleep even when Maria is back, Nagi asks Hayate to get her some Packy and attaches a hidden camera to his tie for entertainment. Nagi and Maria watch as Hayate's terrible luck forces him to undergo a string of unfortunate events. He realized he forget his wallet and has to work in Sakuya's maid café for 1 hour to gain money. Thanks to his infinite bad luck, everyone suddenly gets the urge to eat Packy, and his incredible luck with girls, other girls started feeding him with Packy too. Hayate ultimately makes some Packy himself and then when walking home a truck appeared out of nowhere and crashed Hayate. Nagi runs outs with tears and found out despite his endless bad luck, Hayate still had some good luck in him as a ball acted as a bumper and saved him from certain death. He apologizes for breaking the camera on his necktie (he knew it from the start) and brings back one stick homemade Packy. No matter how unlucky Hayate is Nagi wants him by her side, and kisses him on the cheek. A new semester starts at Hakuō Academy though Nagi is still unwilling to attend. Fumi Hibino and Athena make a scene at the end. And so the story goes on...

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