Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 3 English Subbed

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"There is No Legend After All"

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Episode Summary: Hayate and his party members continue to go on the butler quest. They soon discover the dungeon is haunted with evil spirits and traps. Hayate is temporarily intoxicated by a poisonous spear after saving Nagi's life. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Isumi are on the quest to help Hayate and exorcise these evil spirits, respectively. Hayate's group encounters the now-dead, ghost priest of the church, Linn Regiostar, who points out Sister Fortesia to be a fake and that she is really Sonia Shaflnarz who comes from the Sicilian Mafia. Sonia takes control of a plug-in giant size M.H.E. robot to enact her revenge against the Sanzenin family. She explains that her father got fired and later died when he failed to assassinate Nagi Sanzenin years ago on Mykonos because a butler (Hayate) interfered; which happened in Season 1 episode 52. While Sonia and Hinagiku are fighting, Yukiji is possessed by an evil spirit, and attacks the others, also using the giant robot. Linn urges Hayate to exude more power and destroy the robot, while Isumi exorcises the spirit possessing Yukiji. The church demolishes and Sonia becomes fond of Wataru. Back at the mansion, Klaus reinstates Hayate as a butler for saving Nagi, and he collapses from all the energy he used from the butler quest.

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