Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Half-Baked Jealousy"

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Episode Summary: Hayate and Maria get stuck inside the school's clock tower elevator where Hayate realizes Maria is disguising herself. Nagi calls Maria on her cellphone due to her clumsiness with making tea, and Maria goes back to the mansion (forgot to ask Hayate to where he's staying). Hinagiku and Hayate go to the supermarket and talk with each other, and also make dinner at her house. They both accidentally touch each others' hands. Hinagiku asks Hayate about "his girlfriend" Ayumu, but he corrects her that he doesn't have a girlfriend, and realized she brought a single-guy in her house alone. Hinagiku goes to a mini-market and meets Ayumu who is eating baked yams. Hinagiku talks to Ayumu about what happened during Valentine's Day, and if she has a relationship with Hayate. Hinagiku found a little kitten, and decides to take it back home. Hinagiku feeds the kitten milk, but Hayate says they cannot sleep because they need to take care of the kitten. Ayumu reveals about Hayate's parents to Hinagiku. Maria asks if Nagi wants Hayate to come back to the mansion the next day, and she says she does.

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