Hayate no Gotoku! (2009) Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Shiranui is Here"

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Episode Summary: Mrs.Katsura recommends Hayate that he should return the favor for letting him stay for the night by giving Hinagiku a birthday gift on March 3. Hayate goes back to the mansion with the kitten since Hinagiku can't keep it because her mother is allergic to cats, and Nagi instantly decides that she will raise it, naming it Shiranui. Tama becomes jealous of Shiranui, and tries to make it seem as if Shiranui has torn up Nagi's manga, but the plan backfires when Shiranui rips the manga himself and has the blame placed on Tama. Nagi locks Tama in a cage for a little while as punishment. Isumi comes over to play with the kitten, but Shiranui finds her disagreeable, which depresses Isumi. Isumi asks Sakuya for help, who suggests a change in attire, since she always wears traditional clothes. After changing into more casual clothing, Isumi again visits Nagi with Sakuya. Hayate helps Isumi by spraying diluted catnip on her clothing. Nagi and Isumi play with Shiranui, and Nagi lets Tama play as well.

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