Hayate no Gotoku (2012) Episode 6 English Subbed

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"The Sixth Night"

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Episode Summary: Silver Week has arrived, but Nagi now has no interest to set lift to Las Vegas and retrieve her late father's possessions, rather to spend the day with Hayate instead. Later she pays a visit to the Violet Mansion, just to find Ruri is alone there. Nagi receive a message from Chiharu and Kayura saying they arrive in Las Vegas to see Ruka's concert. Unable to leave when it starts raining, Nagi manages to have Ruri confess that her true intention is to obtain the elusive "Black Camellia", a treasure believed to be in possession of the Sanzenin family and Nagi asks her grandfather by phone about it. However, Mikado refuses to say anything beyond the fact that the treasure was stolen 13 years ago and she breaks her smartphone in anger. When the rain worsens into a storm, the two girls struggle to keep the house by themselves when Ruri saves Nagi from being hit by a large tree branch carried by the wind. When the storm passes, Hayate appears at the mansion and he gets a call from Mikado who reveals to Nagi that the Black Camellia was stolen by her father.

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    Nov 8th, 2012

    Limited Edition Sticker of “The World God Only Knows”! Sweet! hehehe

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    Nov 9th, 2012

    Whoa whoa whoa! What is TWGOK doing in Hayate no gotoku?!

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