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"In English, 'Unmei' Means 'Destiny"
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Episode Summary: Hayate Ayasaki is a sixteen-year old boy who has been working hard earning money as a bicycle delivery boy. He loses his job after his employer finds out he is still in high school, and his irresponsible parents spend the money he had earned. Leaving him a debt of 150,000,000 yen as a Christmas present. Hayate tries to kidnap a wealthy young girl named Nagi Sanzenin who mistakes his action as a confession of love, but fails in his attempt. Later, Hayate saves her from other kidnappers and Nagi repays him by offering him a job as her new butler. However, overcome by injuries received during the rescue, Hayate collapses and is taken from the scene by Nagi's private helicopter.

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  1. Bitcndragon

    Aug 27th, 2012

    lol the narrator is hilarious

  2. Draught

    Apr 15th, 2014

    This list will be extremely useful to all of the people wanting to understand all the references this show makes.


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