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"Wait, Wait! I've Gotta Go To a Party. Hurry Up, Really"
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Episode Summary: Hayate and Nagi are excited about Hayate being qualified for Hakuou Academy. Nagi decides to have a party to celebrate this. However, Yukiji Katsura has not told Hayate that he actually failed because she felt guilty for playing pranks on him before the test, resulting in Hayate's nervousness. Yukiji gets help from her sister, Hinagiku. After getting beating up her sister, Hinagiku tells Yukiji to take responsibility as an adult. The two then go to Sanzen'in mansion to find a really big party. Yukiji struggles to tell Hayate the truth. Hayate soon finds out and leaves the party. Maria then finds Hayate outside sitting on a bench. After a small talk, Maria presents Hayate with his student ID. Hayate finds out that Maria sent a recommendation to the academy, resulting in his admission.

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