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"Nagi Sanzenin's Mansion and a New Journey"
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Episode Summary: Awakening within Nagi's mansion, Hayate incorrectly concludes that he has died and gone to heaven, and resolves to make the most of it. While he is enjoying a soak in an enormous indoor bath, the water re-opens his wounds and he passes out. When he regains consciousness, Nagi and Maria explain that he is Nagi's new butler now, since Himegami the former butler left. However, the mansion's head butler rejects to have him as a butler and wants Maria to fire Hayate, but Maria could not bear to fire him. Eager to demonstrate his aptitude for the job, Hayate begins cleaning the mansion at a remarkable rate, drawing on cleaning skills he gained during previous employment. He finds a manga that Nagi has been drawing, and when he mistakenly refers to it as a picture diary, Nagi ejects him from the room. Believing himself fired, Hayate leaves the mansion and is immediately abducted by the loan sharks that are after him. All seems lost until Nagi, wearing an unconvincing disguise, appears and rescues him by paying off his debt. Hayate will now work as Nagi's butler to repay her.

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