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"I Want to Return to Being a Normal Girl, But Please Buy My Character Song ♥"
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Episode Summary: Nagi asks Hayate what type of girl he likes, after reading a romance magazine which states that Nagi's zodiac sign, Sagittarius, will face a crisis in terms of romance. Hayate tells her that he likes girls that are normal and makes a passing remark that Nagi "wouldn't understand". Nagi runs off in rage, determined to learn how to be 'normal'. Nagi meets Ayumu Nishizawa and comes to the conclusion that tagging along with her will help her learn how to be 'normal'. After a day of following (and bothering) Ayumu, she invites Nagi to stay at her place. Ayumu gives Hayate a call, at Nagi's request, to inform him that Nagi will be staying over. It turns out that Hayate has been following them. Just as Hayate was about to leave, Isumi shouts in distress, trapped at the top of a nearby tower. Wataru rushes to save her before Hayate while Saki rushes to save a clumsily climbing Wataru. When Isumi falls along with Wataru, Hayate catches both of them. However, Saki, Sakuya, and Sakuya's bodyguards also fall on top of a dizzy Hayate. Sakuya jokingly reveals that the reason Hayate did not have that much screentime in the episode was because he was the one doing all the behind-the-scenes work.

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