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"The Nodos of Darkness"
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Episode Summary: As Age destroys Phaetho O's ship as well as the Bronze Tribe nests that teleport in, Yuty La moves to attack the Iron Tribe fleets. Meleagros and Atalantes try to hold back Yuty La, but to no avail. Mehitak volunteers to help Age fight Yuty La, but the Silver Tribe and the Bronze Tribe lead a large counterattack. Age and Mehitak engages Yuty La in battle, and Karkinos comes out to fight as well. The battle gets larger, and in one of the attacks, destroys the Althaea, along with Meleagros, Atalantes, and the Calydonian fleet in it, which leads Nilval to declare a retreat. Dhianeila finally finds Prome O and wishes to speak with her. Meanwhile, the battle of Age and Yuty La seem to culminate in a large red explosion that dwarfs the others seen before.

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