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"The Planet Codomos"
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Episode Summary: When the Argonaut warps in close to Codomos, Prome O creates a place for her to meet Dhianeila. Meanwhile, Age and Yuty La continue their battle, Mehitak supporting Age, with Karkinos looking on, and Lecty observing from a Silver Tribe ship, placing all five Nodos together for the first time. Dhianeila summons Iolaous, who uses his ability to teleport them both to the planet to meet with Prome O, with both sides listening in. They realize that the stars themselves created the starways, and that the Golden Tribe wished for the other tribes to know each other and to contact each other so they made the labors contradictory to each other in order to force conflict. Phaetho O is infuriated and attacks the Argonaut, but is thwarted when a large amount of Silver Tribe ships protect them. Prome O gives Dhianeila the memories about the Golden Tribe's homeworld, Elysium.

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